Atomic and molecular expressions become visible VIA external information display devices named - humanoids
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Zino Particle Physics continuum

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ZINO particle physics symbolizes the advanced end of the intellectual continuum. The ZINJAN archeology skull project represents the beginning. A Margaret Mead nuclear family applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of the anthropology nuclear family of proton,neutron, and electron evolution –> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness.




ZINJAN – the Zinjanthropus Skull Project was started a million years ago and is an on-going brain/cortex awareness development project of MOTHER NATURE –> the Margaret Mead social anthropology NUCLEAR FAMILY intellectual component of the periodic atomic table.
The Manahttan project of 1943 had 2 sides to it:

1.The uranium 238 particle physics atomic research
2.The biological nuclear family side with advanced proton English prose and electron brain political science circuits


The failure to properly recognize the existence of the Margaret Mead nuclear project of MOTHER NATURE is a serious atomic diplomatic brain ERROR. This resulted in the MANHATTAN project BATTLE –> the event of SEPT 11,2001. The periodic atomic table via atomic brain programmed agents . . . sent the Manhattan Project ERROR signal to the world of science . . . .via overt, well broadcast television SIGNALS.

The Manhattan Project of 1943 had a secret predecessor project ..code named the S-1 project.
The INTERNET mentions the Margaret Mead nuclear anthroplogy meeting of the 23 atomic chromosomes (in humanoid format) on May 23 (chromosome day), 1942 ...the S-1 Executive Committee ...etc.

Thus some component of the 1942/ 1943 Manhattan Project(secret S-1 project) was not completed.......resulting in a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology ERROR.

Thus the simple CAUSE and EFFECT relationship with the
the consequence signal. The 1942/1943 Manhattan S-1 project becomes
year 2001 project S-1 --> September 1 + TEN.sor space --> September 11 .....TEN.sore space/time problems on EARTH LAB with humanoid social engineering errors.


Let's review the database.

Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project: Making the ...

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb. ...  
May  23,  1942:  The S-1 Executive Committee

recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and ...

Nature's  Executive Committee



Manhattan Project Chronology |
The Manhattan Project  ERROR:    Making  SEPT  11.2001   ...

The Manhattan Project: Making   Atomic BS = Bull-stories . ... May 23,2001:    The Nature's  Sept 11 Executive Committee
recommends that the project move to the

pilot  stage
and ...

The 9/11 Hijackers: Amateur Aviators Who Became Super-Pilots on ...
Jul 12, 2011 – Numerous experts commented that the hijackers who flew the aircraft in the 9/11 attacks must have been highly trained and skillful pilots.


Why do chromosomes come in homologous chromosome pairs › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScience
We have 23   chromosome pairs in total we get one chromosome from the mother (EARTH)  and one from the  father(Land).

 pairs  battle field  display




As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600...

..........................."The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".
In year 2001 we have :
"The WORLD TRADE Center ..... Center  stage .... pilot Stage....and we are the processing layers".




Thus the human actors of the modern play..TRAGEDY.....and newspapers and insurance investigators give us a surface veneer explanation of the event. Their surface facts are accurate;
but do not begin to explain the YEAR 1600 English language theater
and its modern TRADGEDY message to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and
the eye/optical nerve/brain symbolic city .....composed of nouns/verbs......and the
photon WHITE HOUSE --> the white electromagnetic spectrum used with black ink characters...the symbolic life of the modern brain information system.....that makes decisions about social engineering policy,family plannining, social economics, etc. Know thyself ....Maxwell equations and Hertzian waves of bio-physics EM=EMBASSY electromagnetic diplomatic humanoids.

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