Atomic and molecular expressions become visible VIA external information display devices named - humanoids
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The evolution of atoms into a humanoid structure: The ODD couple experiment

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The theory on the evolution of the periodic atomic table of elements now includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.


Thus the social, political expressions of brain electron circuits, proton English prose, and neutron atomic radio transmissions via brain radio neurotransmitters.
Charles Darwin evolution of symbolic brain cells in the last 100 years; gives a variety of symbolic species of expression.The concept of physical evolution was appropriate in describing millions of years of physical changes; the last 100 years, the last 50 years is a new age of evolution --> different brain awareness species such as:

music species;
math/ physics species;
food/ cooking species;
dance species;
Z=impedance of brain electron circuit nonsense
automobile engineering species;
botany species;
advertising/marketing species

Now each species is a specialist; and probably very good at their area of knowledge, practice, etc. Each species asssumes that the other species covered all bases/ caught all the errors and prevented them. The problem occurs when several different species interact and create a new,hybrid subconscious species --> and no one pays attention to these symbolic mutations. They exist; but is takes many years to become aware of their existence and their social significance.

The latest is the evolution of parity violations in the Margaret Mead nuclear social anthropology area. The periodic atomic table has intellectual agents or biological structures acting as its representatives. The periodic atomic table government is separate from the government in Washington, D.C. --> although at a practical level they do interact/overlap. Dr. Robley D. Evans 1955 book " The ATOMIC NUCLEUS"; Leon Lederman's book "The God Particle", and other books give the clues to this atomic government and the atomic brain representatives.



For example, Dr. Evans book page 156 gives --> a single-particle MODEL for ODD-A nucleus.
Who could be such an atomic brain MODEL?
That would be an ODD idea.
Who could be ODD.A. --> the Margaret Mead ODD.mAn?
Does he STAND on 2-legs?
Does STAND.ARD MODEL physics have a biological format?
Does his central nervous system 370 use the TIME STANDARD MODEL --> CENTRAL STANDARD TIME zone?.

Page 158 Magnetic dipole (diplomatic) Moments (of thought) with Figure 4.3 and the odd-proton and the odd-neutron. Lets maximize the Fermi-Dirac probability of finding an intelligent brain with a SYMBOLIC LABEL of ODD-proton. Where could one go for Fermi-Dirac life formats? The 1960 television show "I've got a secret" suggests a message exists from atomic director(MOTHER NATURE) to FermiLAB director. And the television show "The ODD couple" provides clues to Batavia bio-physics experimental life.



The Odd Couple (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Odd Couple is a television situation comedy broadcast from September 24, 1970 to March 7, 1975 on ABC. It stars Tony Randall as Felix Unger and Jack ...




The Odd Couple (atomic orbital   series)






The Odd Coupling to bio-physics


the bio-physics electron configuration from PERU 

The Odd Couple (linear algebra transformation T --> Vector space series)

Pier Oddone to retire as Fermilab director | symmetry magazine

Felix and Oscar are two divorced men (double-helix concept signal).
Felix is neat and tidy while
Oscar is sloppy and casual. They share a Manhattan  PROJECT apartment, and their different lifestyles inevitably lead to conflicts and laughs. 

Felix --> Fe --> Ferrous oxide IRON atom at EARTH LAB site Fe = FermilAB





The spokesperson hierarchy of the periodic atomic table is incomplete. Pier Oddone and Leon Lederman ought consider if an individual exists that is involved with the MISSING-LINK ZINJAN skull project with ZINO particle physics.

Page 160 --> Base 16 O = oxygen atomic base 16 system 370 LUNG/Brain data processing laws needs its hexadecimal life form from Hexadecimal Highway 16 Wisconsin. Malcolm H. MacGregor writes about the physics mystery number 137. This is the one = 1 STANDARD MODEL atomic computer system 370 with master console interface brain agent ZIN O = oxygen breathing atomic base 16.

Summarizing the 1955 DR.EVANS curiosties of the universe puzzle:
odd-z,even-N ... even-z,odd-n .... one odd nucleon.
one odd --> gives ODDONE agent
nucleon --> gives Leon Lederman
The book "The God Particle" combined with Chicago North side Polish newspaers sold at the organic chemistry hydrocarbon electron SHELL social science message processing location by Milwaukee Avenue/ Belmont --> gives the Polish noun GODZIN and the Leon Lederman update " The GODZIN Particle". What does it all mean? Perhaps Leon Lederman's leadership will help us understand Margaret Mead atomic brain evolution and particle physics political science.

Thus we have the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family...atomic brain STANDARD MODEL Hierarchy problem of the periodic atomic table government ...whose existence is denied by most human scientists.
Atoms are the origin of thoughts: but the existence of atomic political science is denied by biased hypnotized intellectuals ....a problem predicted by Aldous Huxley,George Orwell, and others.

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