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Zino Particle Physics - DuBNA and DuPAGE county - Earth Land and Landau physics experiments

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ZINO - ZINO particle physics is the advanced end of the intellectual continuum.

The ZINJAN archelogogy skull project represents the beginning.



A Margaret MEAD applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of the anthropology nuclear family of proton, neutron, and electron evolution --> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness. Thus

ZINJAN ---> string continuum; millions of years ---> ZINO

High Energy Physics when considering the Margaret Mead component becomes personally interesting to some individuals; since they have a specific atomic anthropology mission with outstanding, unanswered messages waiting.



The SUPER HIGH Z Boson project has 2 components:
- the uranium 238 solid state physics engineering category
- the 2-legged walking biological Margaret Mead atomic social engineering category with theology, philosophy,etc.



Thus we can read on the INTERNET computer such articles as the
"(SUPER) rare decays of an extra "Z" boson via Higgs boson emission (MISSION) Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at DuBNA.



Dubna (Russian: Дубна́; IPA: [dʊbˈna]) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It has a status of naukograd (i.e. town of science), being home to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international nuclear physics research center and one of the largest scientific foundations in the country. It is also home to MKB Raduga, a defense aerospace company specializing in design and production of missile systems. The modern town was developed in the middle of the 20th century and town status was granted to it in 1956

About Dubna - JINR
Director of JINR is the Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Russian ... Many first-class achievements belong to Dubna physicists.
Dubna (English)
Дубна (Russian)
-  Town[1]  - of scientiests.jpg
Headquarters of JINR in Dubna


Explanation needed for Project Plan Z WEB-SITE terminology DuDNA.
The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family terminology can somtimes use the computer double word (double-helix equivalent) 64 = 32 + 32.
DuBNA symbolic evolution suggests DuBNA = Double Base DNA --> giving DuDNA.
Thus DuBNA has an alternate ego DuDNA.
The WEB-SITE used DuDNA to reflect this Margaret Mead nuclear family language evolution; like the "The TALE of TWO CITIES".




The "Tale of Two" physics areas.

DuDNA --> Du = Double DNA --> MOTHER NATURE experiments near Du = DuPAGE county--> Chicago mathematical physics region. Specifically, Du = Double = FermiLAB at Batavia Illinois and the universities in the Midwest region.




The DuPage County geography region near FermiLAB and Argonne.


DuPage County
US County in Illinois
DuPage County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Its county seat is the city of Wheaton. This county is part of the Chicago metropolitan area

Thus DuDNA suggests a parallel/ double helix DNA style of Margaret Mead nuclear brain cell social science expression. Thus the MISSING LINK of ZIN.JAN anthropology may involve the relationship of the JOINT INSTITUTE FOR NUCLEAR (family) Research at DuDNA with the DuPAGE intellectual symbolic relatives at FermiLAB and Argonne and the Chicago universities.




From the Galileo COMPUTER EARTH model; this is possible.
If the FermiLAB atomic computer system 370 perceives DuPAGE county as a COMPUTER EARTH computer PAGE (duPAGE = duplicate PAGE / backup PAGE) . . . we have empirical data to build the theoretical model of COMPUTER EARTH and its link to the biological cortex computer math/physics brains

(PC= biology Person Computer versus
  PC= copper Personnal Computer)


that do brain data calculations at the various computer address earth geography address locations. Thus physics theorists ought consider the new role of their brain proton,neutron, and electron awareness circuits in the BRAVE NEW WORLD with Aldous Huxley. The physics factor 137 is a reference to primary one = 1 = atomic computer system 370. Physics, math, and other professors ought upgrade their cortex computer and fix their Y2k biological clock error of omission --> to bring their brain atomic system 370 into alignment with the STANDARD MODEL central nervous system 370.


In addition, the atomic DNA algebra equation is an important message to physics researchers.
Equation ==> (DuDNA + DuPAGE) implies the DNA distributive law of algebraic life. This implies
DuDNA + DuPAGE ==> Du(DNA + PAGE) giving insight to DNA computer paging facilties. Thus we have 2 levels of empirical existence suggested:
1) The DNA paging
2) the COMPUTER EARTH paging in the FermiLAB geography region



In original terms, the equation ==>
(DuBNA + DuPAGE) implies the distributive law of atomic algebraic life. This implies
DuBNA + DuPAGE ==> Du(BNA + PAGE) giving insight to COMPUTER EARTH and atomic computer paging facilties. Thus we have 2 levels of empirical existence suggested:
1) The computer PAGE of the geography surface area of DuPAGE county near FermiLAB.
2) the COMPUTER EARTH paging in the FermiLAB geography region

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