Atomic and molecular expressions become visible VIA external information display devices named - humanoids

Quantum physics SYMBOL MACHINES - an EXTERNAL expression of quantum flavor languages VIA the Margaret Mead atomic humanoid nuclear DISPLAY family .... atomic social anthropology policy WAR

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First, we must have the philosophical perspective as expressed around year 1600 (correlation to Virginia Tech tragic date of April 16,2007) by the English department of William Shakespeare,

..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times,"The WORLD is an atomic stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the modern stage performances of the tragic PLAY with the Margaret Mead nuclear family - atomic social anthropology performance.

==> Virginia TECH shooting with the Darwinian selection of the CHOSEN ONE = Mr.CHO ..representing the atomic biology G.I.JOE warrior. The biology computer uses G.I.JOE (Gastro Intestinal Job order entry) giving us food for thought.

The atomic English language warrior/agent for symbolism:
Mr.CHO = CHO.colate flavor. Also,the bio-physics structure
Mr.CHO ...represented the quantum physics FLAVOR war = CHO.colate.
Thus the physics war flavors of quantum ENTANGLEMENT with Virginia TECH students as quantum objects.

==> the G.I.JOE Vanilla Ice cream war at Northern Illinois.
............................. . I. . cream
............................. . I. .scream .....says the atomic human digestive system ..about the social science family ERRORS. Reader's Digest magazine publishes social science stories of the digestive system internal government thoughts and its daily interface with the external world.

Herbert Spencer wrote about this process in 1872...with the concept of the
- Internal biology government,its thoughts and expressions and
- External world and its institutions (outside the B.F.Skinner human body)

Thus we have 2 types of atomic human adult species. At birth ...we all begin with an internal government and go to school to learn basic internal government symbolic languages: the usage of English words to ask for food, to ask for a house mortgage for shelter,etc. Most people only understand part of the external world; only that part necessary to get a technical job to get money to feed their internal government. A few older individuals with math books, science experience, intellectual effort, and wisdom may transcend this INTERNAL government STATE of MIND....and understand the larger gestalt of the EXTERNAL goverments of EARTH and NATURE...and the EARTH LAB role of human subset governments and institutions.




A classic example of the social evolution process and expression of Nature's intellect is VIA
the Jonathan Swift book "Gulliver's Travels".


The book described the year 1726 biochemistry government long-term LIVER project plan to have future scientists bio-physics LIVERS TRAVEL to / converge at a world LIVER conference site......which is the well-known secret of Livermore, California. This is affirmed by the atomic liver messages of Malcolm H. MacGregor ==>

1) 1726 Jonathan Swift ...symbolic book: The Power of atomic ALPHABETS (titled.. Gullible LIVER TRAVELS) to the future EARTH LAB ....liver convergence location with atomic agent....

2) 2007 Malcolm MacGregor physics book: The Power of ALPHA (atomic Alphabets); and he announces that his LIVER has traveled because his California automoble license plate 70MeV a significant subliminal mind SIGNAL in his book.



Year 1726 becomes ...via the modern Livermore messenger MacGregor ..... 17 + 26.
17 years denotes the patents/inventions of the unique work at Livermore Labs and
26 = the 26 iron protons in his liver Hemoglobin proteins and their
26 atomic iron proton English alphabet(INTERNAL government);

and then his book descibes the relationship to EXTERNAl iron governments via his emphasis on his 4-wheeled ferrous oxide SWIFT automobile and its 70MeV identifier.


70MeV: The Power of Alpha --> atomic English alphabets
Jan 29, 2013 – Malcolm H. MacGregor Welcome to the “Power of Alpha” website and its ultimate product – the “70 MeV” mass quantum. Alpha is the universal .
Malcolm H. MacGregor




Thus we see the deep down, subliminal mind of his atomic liver.....and its sucessful attempt to have MacGregor provide explicit, external communication SIGNS....regarding the bio-physics symbolism of Gulliver's Travels.


LIVER  cell  Nuclear lab gets OK

LIVERMORE / Nuclear lab gets OK

parkshelo084_mac.jpg Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory sits at the Eastern edge of the Livermore Valley, Mt. diablo seen rising above the foothills in the backgrouynd.
 A view from the air with a ride along with the East Bay Parks helicopter Eagle 5. The East Bay Regional Parks system of the Bay Area encompasses more than 95,000 acres.

The social engineering research project: LAW of LIVER is with LIVER CIA agent known as LIVER NORTH (Oliver North) who studied El Salvador Dali spanish art in the Central Nervous System 370 brain computer... symbolic country in the brain geography map region of symbolic Central America ...a parallel processing region to physical geography Central America.



The Oliver North File - The George Washington University

Washington D.C., 26 February 2004 - Diaries, e-mail, and memos of Iran-contra figure Oliver North, posted today on the Web by the National Security Archive, ...

The O = oxygen   livermore   North America   File - The George Washington University

Washington D.C., 26 February 2004 - Diaries, e-mail, and memos of Iran-contra figure Oliver North, posted today on the Web by the National Security Archive, ...




Contra-Intelligence on Oliver North by Celerino Castillo 3rd ...

Contra-diction  Intelligence on  liver North  by Celerino Castillo 3rd ...
May 12, 2004 – During the 1980s, Felix Rodriguez was in charge of the Contras' supply network in El Salvador for Oliver North. In addition, Rodriguez hired a ..

 Contras' supply network in El

 Contradictions  supply network in  Elements of elementry physics 

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